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July 19, 2010

Facilitated Learning

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― Vincent Gable on July 19, 2010

We made a world populated with objects that reacted to what humans did, but they didn’t interact very strongly. Whereas that isn’t enough, pure discovery learning took us 100,000 years to get to science. So you actually need learning that’s facilitated. And if you can’t make 1,000 good teachers in a year to save yourself, you have to have a user interface that can do that.

Alan Kay, answering questions on the OLPC project, November 5, 2008

September 27, 2008

Apple Has Learned The Importance of Play. We Should Too

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― Vincent Gable on September 27, 2008

…joyful playful exploration is critical to learning. Rote learning and memorization is less effective.

I believe that a big part of the reason that Apple has been successful is that they figured out long ago that their products had to have the elements of joyful exploration that are the hallmarks of great toys

Hank Williams

The short article is worth reading.

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